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Nano related.

Kay. You're a batshit crazy little freak. I say this because you're in the same land of crazy as Envy. This means you're fucking crazy.

And I kinda love you for it.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

My day so far.


I nearly just electrocuted myself and packing is the ninth circle of hell.


Emo and meme continued.

So, today was a bust. Had to fix the computer cause it was a total mess. The track pad stopped working entirely and I had to get it replaced. On the plus side, Hope and I got Ramen.

Today I found out the minister from when I was a kid died, my mom who was really close to him found out on Sunday, and she told me tonight. I haven't really talked to Jon in a while, cause he and Bob moved out to California, I believe right before I moved to NY, and I hadn't talked to him much in the past couple years just due to not seeing him much, but he's someone I just remember as a really good man. Now, I know that sounds shallow or whatever. Calling someone a good man doesn't explain a lot about them. But he was funny, and kind, and was always good to me and my family and I remember him just being a person who made you feel happy and good about yourself.

Also he is the person that when I tell the story about being a kid and getting all jealous for my dad's sake because my mom kissed another man on the cheek (I was seven), and not getting why all the adults thought it was so funny when I got really up in arms. Of course it was explained to me later that it was sort of silly for me to get up in arms when Jon was with Bob I think the entire time I knew them.

I haven't talked to either of them in a long while, but it just makes me sad that someone I remember being such a good person is dead and there's a hole in people's hearts where he used to be.

Now, for something completely different. I had this song picked out already. Even if it's the weirdest damn transition from the above.

My dad and I have all the inside jokes based on this song. Everything from mimicking "dance steps" (if you can call them that...) to singing at random. The song and video are like mindrape, but it makes both me and dad laugh hysterically the moment we hear it.

ListCollapse )

Song that makes me sad.

Okay, so basically I found this song as I do a lot of songs, through fandom related stuff. I first heard this through House, in season five because they have really awesome music on House. And it's kind of a song I really really love and have on every 'Shelly must go be emo now' playlist I have.

Really relevant to current writing, frankly, too. Which, may I say. SHIT I want to write RP stuff. Why can't I get my ass in gear? I mean, it's awesome to be writing original shit for once in FOREVER but DAMN. 

Also, fuck AIM and my computer, it is hating me, so it was killing shit yesterday. URGH.

meme listCollapse )

Jul. 3rd, 2010

Heya! Watching Nightmare on Elm street for the first time with Danny, so far it's a lot of fun.

Now for memetimes.

Song that make me happy. WELL.

Basically I think this is the cutest thing on the damn planet, and it just makes me glee at every possibly opportunity. Super happy for Shelly.

LiiiiiiiiistCollapse )
Bandwagon? My name is Shelly, and I am joining you.

Day one you pick your favorite song, right? So here I go!

I don't exactly know why I like this song so damn much, I don't like the movie. At all. I just heard the song once in a video and it's constantly been one that hangs around in my mind and I just love the sound of it. So damn pretty, and I basically put in on repeat to write to all the damn time. I also love all the remixes, but this just itself is my favorite. Talk about a random song to be a favorite, huh?

Expect a lot of instrumentals over the course of this, I think. 

And here's the list.Collapse )
To continue from the header.

I sat outside waiting for Danny to get off the train because a strange list of events meant she missed hers.

I broke the writers block, but I sat outside of H&M for like an hour. Things even out.

Danny and I were hanging out in the kitchen and RP talking when I looked over her shoulder and went "Hey, what's that light?"

Cue Danny and I rushing to the window as we realize there is fire outside our building. After a lot of "HOLY SHITS" and "WHAT THE FUCKS" we realized it was a bunch of matresses outside the front of the building that had been waiting for trash pick up had been lit on fire. They were right next to a couple cars, a tree, and were RIGHT in front of our front door. Also the bottom of the fire escape ladder. Cue us waking Hope up and grabbing the phone. 

There was a 911 call, there was a lot of flailing, and the NY Fire department put it out and took care of the mess.

Then we got sweet tarts.

(And let the neighbor, who had left at the same time as us to see what had happened, back in the building cause in the rush he forgot his keys XDDD, but ending with 'and then we got sweet tarts' was funnier)

Jun. 29th, 2010







Oh my god.

Shelly be productive! YOU CAN DO IT.


The shit you have to do does not include searching for bad GW fic to crack yourself up. That is the OPPOSITE of what you should do. >.>;;;;;;;



Down with the sickness, JTHM- liking that smile

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